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bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of their guests at their charming clubhouse wedding

Alex & Maddie’s Enchanting The Clubhouse Wedding

The Clubhouse Wedding: A Magical Beginning in the Perfect Setting



In the tranquil heart of Huntington, Indiana, love blossomed at this The Clubhouse wedding. Alex and Maddie, the epitome of a modern-day fairytale, celebrated their love with an enchanting wedding that was as charming as it was grand. From the meticulously curated decor to the dazzling entertainment and lighting, the love story of Alex and Maddie was brought to life in a celebration that will be the talk of the town for years to come.

The Clubhouse Wedding First Dance With Chandeliers And Greenery
The Clubhouse Wedding Venue In Huntington, Indiana
The Clubhouse Wedding Venue

The Clubhouse blends indoor, tented and outdoor spaces seamlessly, allowing couples to create their dream wedding, whether under the sky, in a beautiful ballroom or in the elegance of a beautiful tent.

Situated on the premises of the historic LaFontaine Golf Club, founded in 1929 and decommissioned in 2015, the venue honors the golf course’s heritage. It features a refurbished putting green, a pond adorned with fountains, and the iconic 18th hole. In 2022, the Clubhouse event center underwent an extensive renovation to become a secluded and sophisticated venue perfect for weddings and various celebratory events.

The scenery offered by the venue is stunning, offering limitless opportunities for photography that will help immortalize your celebrations and forge lasting memories. The facility includes a marble-floored bridal suite exclusively for the wedding party, a spacious area capable of accommodating over 350 guests, a private bar, a catering room, and an expansive outdoor patio area.

Imagine a world where every detail sings in harmony with the essence of love. Alex and Maddie’s Clubhouse wedding did just that as the couple pledged their eternal love in an ambiance that was equal parts elegance and beauty. 

Thanks to the talented team of vendors, The Clubhouse’s outdoor tent was transformed into a haven where dreams and reality intertwined seamlessly for the reception. The stunning clear span wedding tent, adorned with cascading floral arrangements in shades of white and green, intertwined with crystal chandeliers that brought an extra touch of elegance to the setting.




Throughout the venue, exquisite attention to detail graced every facet of the decor. The classic black and white checkered dance floor set a captivating stage for guests to revel through the night, infusing a hint of vintage allure into the festivities. Welcoming guests upon arrival, a bespoke seating chart wall elegantly directed them to their designated seats with grace and style.

The opulent linens adorned the tables, offering a lavish touch with an array of premium fabrics and hues to complement any style or theme. Ranging from exquisite tablecloths to coordinating napkins, the linens harmonized seamlessly with the overall wedding aesthetic, elevating the decor’s sophistication.

Black And White Checkered Dance Floor At The Clubhouse Wedding
The Alwins Wedding The Clubhouse 860






Elegant chandeliers bathed the space in a warm, amber glow candlelight, creating a timeless and romantic ambiance. Suspended high above the dance floor, the crystal droplets shimmered, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the scene.

53578182692 Fcdb7E0829 C
The Clubhouse Wedding Live Painter

A talented live painter beautifully captured the special moments at Alex and Maddie’s lovely Clubhouse Wedding. Each brushstroke vividly portrayed the essence of the day, eternalizing the vows and the joy on the dance floor. The transformation of fleeting moments into stunning artworks was truly remarkable, leaving everyone in awe of the unforgettable beauty.

The Clubhouse Wedding First Dance With Chandeliers And Greenery
The Clubhouse Wedding First Dance With Cold Sparklers

The First Dance

The night unfolded like a dream, with bursts of shimmering light adding an extra layer of magic. As the music transitioned and the newlyweds stole the spotlight for their first dance, cold spark machines burst into life, showering the venue in a whirlwind of sparkling joy. Each tiny spark danced through the air, a fleeting symbol of the eternal flame of love burning brightly between Alex and Maddie. Guests watched in awe, captivated by the breathtaking spectacle that swirled around the couple. It was more than just a dazzling display; it was a visual representation of their unwavering love and the bright future that lay ahead.

The Clubhouse Wedding Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting



Let The Clubhouse Party Begin

After the first dances, the Night to Remember Band swiftly packed the dance floor with their irresistible tunes. Blending classic hits and modern favorites, guests were whisked away to a world of love and happiness, dancing the night away under the stars.

The uplights, casting a beautiful, soft glow in hues of candlelight amber, enveloped the space in a dreamy aura, making the whole place feel like a fairytale straight out of a storybook. The intelligent dance floor lighting took the celebration to another level, transforming the dance floor into a captivating sea of color and movement. 

The lights danced in perfect sync with the music, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that both complemented and enhanced the energy of the celebration. Guests were drawn to the vibrant display, their movements and laughter adding to the dynamic atmosphere.





As the night progressed, cold spark machines lit up the clubhouse with bursts of shimmering sparks. Each moment was filled with wonder and enchantment as the cold sparks danced through the air, symbolizing the eternal flame of love that burned brightly between the newlyweds. Guests watched in awe as the sparks sparkled and swirled, creating a breathtaking spectacle that added a touch of whimsy and magic to the night.

A Joyful Groom Carrying His Bride, With A Cold Spark Machine Lighting Up The Scene At The Clubhouse Wedding
Bride And Groom Share Tender Kiss With Dazzling Fireworks In Background At The Clubhouse Wedding



Riding into Forever – A Dream Come True

As the night drew to a close, and the dazzling fireworks display lit up the sky, Alex and Maddie shared a tender kiss under the stars. Surrounded by their loved ones, they knew that this Clubhouse wedding was just the beginning of their happily ever after. 

Laughter echoed through the air as guests reminisced about the day’s events, and heartfelt wishes were exchanged for the couple’s future. The warmth of love and joy filled the atmosphere, creating a memory that would forever be etched in everyone’s hearts.

The Bride And Groom Kiss While On Top Of The Back Trunk Of A Black Classic Car
Bride And Groom Kissing On The Side Of The Black Classic Car

This Clubhouse wedding wasn’t just a celebration of love, but a testament to the power of family, friendship, and the unwavering support that surrounds a couple on their journey together. With a final wave goodbye, they climbed into the black classic car, the engine purring softly as they drove off into the starlit night, embarking on their new adventure as husband and wife.

A huge thank you to Kassidy Ilayne Studios for capturing the breathtaking moments of Alex and Maddie’s The Clubhouse wedding. Be sure to explore more of Kassidy Ilayne Studios’  stunning portfolio and show some love by following her Instagram page!

Ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality? Contact MDM Entertainment today at (773)-253-4986. To learn more about how we can bring your vision to life with our wedding services.

The Dream Vendor Team

Photography: Kassidy Ilayne Studios

Planning and Design: Eva and Co. Events

Venue: The Clubhouse

Videography: Sea Jay Films

Florals: Blooms by Morgan

Decor and Lighting: MDM Entertainment

Live Artist: Torregrossa Fine Art

Catering: Catablu

Cake: Sassie Cakes

Band: Night to Remember Band

Hair: Kathryn’s Bridal Bar

Makeup: Artistry by Sydney

Dress: Bella Bianca Bridal Couture & Nadine Merabi

Stationery & Signage: Madison Grace

Custom Builds: Oakley and Hyde

Linens: BBJ La Travola

Custom Ice Cubes & Luge: Big Ice

Transportation: Three Rivers Limo and  Lafayette Limo & Trolley

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