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Hospys 2024 event

2024’s Unforgettable Taylor Swift Inspired Event: A Night to Remember!

To celebrate 34 years of excellence, CTC Destination Management (CTC) threw a show stopping awards show inspired by Taylor Swift's music. The iconic Theater on the Lake was transformed to reflect each of Taylor's eras, with glittering lights, whimsical centerpieces, and electrifying performances. The ceremony itself was a heartwarming blend of traditional awards and unexpected entertainment, leaving everyone feeling a sense of shared achievement and renewed collaboration within the event industry.

In a celebration that perfectly captured the spirit of a Taylor Swift inspired event, CTC Destination Management (CTC) marked their 34th anniversary in style. For 34 years, CTC has been a cornerstone of Chicago’s event industry, consistently exceeding expectations and orchestrating unforgettable experiences. To celebrate this remarkable milestone and thank their incredible network of partners, CTC threw a truly “enchanting” awards show at the iconic Theater on the Lake.

As a company dedicated to creating exceptional experiences, CTC knows the importance of collaboration. Their vendor partners are an essential part of their success, and this Taylor Swift inspired event was their way of expressing their deepest gratitude. These Chicago’s best event vendors helped create a night to remember.

Marquee Letters Spelling Out The Hospys

Photo credits to: MK Event Photo

Taylor Swift Inspired Event
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

Taking a unique approach, CTC themed the entire event around Taylor Swift’s iconic Eras Tour. Award categories were cleverly named after her hit songs, adding a playful touch to the evening. Guests, undoubtedly entering into the spirit of the theme, embraced the event with creativity. This resulted in a vibrant and visually stunning atmosphere, where everyone came together to celebrate. This themed Taylor Swift inspired event award show not only paid homage to a beloved artist but also fostered a sense of community and shared experience among attendees. making it a true Chicago’s best event vendors showcase.

Pictures Of The Awardees On The Big Screen With &Quot;You Belong With Me&Quot; Award
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design
Pictures Of The Awardees On The Big Screen With &Quot;You Belong With Me&Quot; Award
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

The highlight of the evening was, of course, the awards ceremony. Each category, named after a Taylor Swift song, recognized the outstanding contributions of CTC’s partners. From “You Belong With Me” awards to “Style” awards, the evening acknowledged the diverse talents that make the event industry shine. This creative approach to awards not only made the ceremony more memorable but also provided a fun way to connect Taylor Swift’s music with the core values of the event industry.

Stepping into the venue was like entering Taylor’s “Blank Space,” ready to be filled with dazzling details. MDM Entertainment, renowned for their exceptional design work, was part of a team of Chicago’s best event vendors who helped transform the space into a visual masterpiece that paid homage to each of Taylor’s iconic eras. Our  LED runway shimmered, a nod to the “Red” era’s bold aesthetic, reflecting the dazzling lights that cascaded from the giant mirror ball chandelier reminiscent of the “1989” tour’s glamorous stage.

Elegantly Designed Tables, Led Runways And Above Are Mirror Balls
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design
Guests Happily Taking Pictures With 360-Photo Booth
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design
Marquee Letters Spelling Out The Hospys
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

Guests couldn’t resist capturing the moment with the 360-photo booth, a testament to the event’s interactive and engaging nature. Every detail, from the strategically placed ambient lighting to the eye-catching marquee letters spelling “The Hospys,” exuded sophistication and style, a perfect blend of the modern and the nostalgic, mirroring Taylor’s own musical evolution.

Highboy Centerpieces With Floral And Greenery
Bar Statement Spelling Out &Quot;The Hospys Ctc Eras Tour&Quot; With Lighting And Greenery
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design
Lounge With Moss Green Drape And Floral Design

EV Design Collective played a key role in bringing this vision to life. Their stunning highboy centerpieces added a touch of elegance, reminiscent of the romantic “Speak Now” era, while communal table accents and a meadow statement piece anchored in a cort lounge created a sense of warmth and community, mirroring the carefree “Fearless” days. Bar statement floral pieces added a touch of sophistication, a perfect blend of the modern and the nostalgic, mirroring Taylor’s own musical evolution.

All Awardees Happily On Stage With &Quot;The Hospy's Ctc Eras Tour&Quot; On The Big Screen At Their Back
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

The night unfolded like a beautiful “Story of Us,” filled with pure joy. Excitement buzzed in the air as nominees, colleagues, and friends from the event industry gathered. Each time an award nominee was announced, the room fell silent, then erupted in loud applause. It was a celebration of shared successes, a reminder of the strong connections within this dynamic community.

But this wasn’t just a night of awards. It was a night bursting with energy. Stage Factor dancers filled the stage with performances that captured the fierce energy of Taylor’s “Reputation” era. Neon Van Ryan, a captivating drag queen, kicked off the show with a dazzling performance, a tribute to Taylor’s welcoming spirit.

Performers On Stage
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design
Performers On Stage
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

Live Art International's Poet
Photo credits to: MK Event Photo
Live Art International's Poets, A Table With &Quot;Cpme And Get A Poem&Quot; Sign

Live Art International’s poets added a touch of whimsical magic. Their poems, written on the spot, echoed the thoughtful lyrics of Taylor’s “Folklore” and “Evermore” albums.

A Classic Telephone
Photo credits to: MK Event Photo
Picture Of Taylor Swift While On The Phone With &Quot;Call It What You Want'' Written
Photo credits to: Spoon Photo and Design

The night took a fun turn with Rick Aguilar Studios‘ “Call it what you want” Party Phone activation, mirroring the lighthearted spirit of Taylor’s early hits.

Fig Media’s DJ services provided the perfect soundtrack, ensuring there was something for everyone. It was a musical journey that captured the essence of the night—a celebration of working together and shared passion.

Every award presented, every laugh shared, every dance move perfected – it was all expertly captured by MK Event Photo and SPOON Photo & Design ensuring each fleeting moment was preserved in stunning detail, while Highway 61 Films bottled the night’s vibrant energy into captivating videography. This isn’t just an awards show; it’s a memory you’ll revisit with a smile, just like your favorite Taylor Swift album.

As the night ended, a feeling of accomplishment and renewed collaboration filled the air. It was more than an awards show; it was a moment where everyone felt like they belonged. A night etched in memory, a reminder of the power of excellence, creativity, and the lasting bonds within the event industry.

This unforgettable Taylor Swift inspired event wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible talent and dedication of our esteemed vendor partners. Each company played a crucial role in transforming the Theater on the Lake into a celebration of music, industry excellence, and collaboration.

Here’s a toast to the incredible team who brought the vision to life:

Venue: Theater on the Lake
AV: AV Chicago
Lighting: AV Chicago & MDM Entertainment
Event & Transport: BearCom
Cocktail Reception Décor: MDM Entertainment & EV Design Collective
Rentals: Halls
Scenic Décor: Quest Events
Décor:  MDM Entertainment  & CORT Event Rentals & Kehoe Designs
Dinner Décor: MDM Entertainment & Nuage Designs & Kehoe Designs
Entertainment: Stage Factor, Neon van Ryan, Fig Media, Live Art International, Rick Aguilar Studios
360 Photo Booth:  MDM Entertainment
Catering: Blue Plate
Event Photography: MK Event Photo & SPOON Photo & Design
Videography: Highway 61 Films
Parking: Lincoln Park Zoo
Transportation: Signature Transportation Group

From Blank Space to Enchanted Evening: How MDM Entertainment Can Design Your Dream Event

Ready to infuse your event with the same level of magic and splendor? Contact MDM Entertainment today at (773)-253-4986 or visit our website here . With a wide range of services and expertise, we’re here to turn your vision into reality. Let us transform your next event into a masterpiece that would make even Taylor Swift herself proud!

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