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Alice in Wonderland Wedding Lighting

This post is long overdue but I just came across these photos from a wedding we did last year and it was such a cool and unique wedding that I had to share them.

Deandra and Peter didn’t want a “cookie cutter” wedding reception. They really wanted their reception to celebrate their unique style and taste so they came to us with their vision of an Alice in Wonderland Wedding. We were intrigued as we relish any chance we get to stretch our creativity and bring our clients vision of their wedding day to life.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Harry Caray’s Ball Room at the Westin Hotel Lombard (which we absolutely love). This is already a gorgeous venue so at first we were a little hesitant to totally change the look of the room but after several conversations with Peter and Deandra we figured out exactly what they were looking for and how to make it happen.

Red uplighting was used on the walls in between the windows and throughout the room to create columns of red light going up to the ceiling.

We pinspotted their awesome centerpieces (black branches with red roses) and other unique decor items throughout the room to make them stand out and add a surreal effect.

Deandra Peter Wedding 377

We washed the ceiling and walls in red light to match their color scheme and other decor and then projected branch patterns over an entire wall and the ceiling to get the Tim Burton-ish Alice in Wonderland feel.

The black and white checkerboard dance floor went perfectly with the theme.

Deandra Peter Wedding Exhibit 100 094 3

Everywhere you turned there were amazing decor items that fit in perfectly with the theme. There have been very few weddings were I have seen such detail put into so many different facets and it all came together perfectly.

Deandra Peter Wedding Exhibit 100 076 3

There was a lounge area set up with white couches that reflected the red glow of the color wash and uplighting and made for a great area to just chill with your new wife.

The wedding cake was just amazing and the spotlight on it made it really “pop”.

I would have to say another one of our favorite items was the margarita fountain. Alas, we did not get to sample it as we were working….

The decor and lighting for this wedding just turned out incredible. So many guests commented on how cool it was and how it perfectly fit Deandra and Peter. There was even a steady stream of staff members from Harry Carays coming in with their cell phones to take pictures and commenting on how great the room looked!

If you are looking to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind theme for your wedding Deandra is available to assist with the decorating and can be contacted at http://www.fseventdesign.com/ or on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/fablesstudiosevents.

And of course, you can contact MDM Entertainment for all of your wedding lighting 🙂

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