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Hanging Lanterns for Chicago Weddings

Hanging lanterns, sometimes known as Chinese lanterns, are a great decor item to really make your wedding unique. They are best used in venues with high ceilings or large tents.

By hanging them at various heights one creates a dramatic sense of depth that really enhances the visual appeal of the room and looks great in pictures. In large rooms with high ceilings there is a lot of unused space, lanterns can be used to create a focal point over an important part of the room (ie, the dance floor) or used throughout the room to create a magical floating feeling.

The lanterns can be color coordinated with your wedding color scheme and bring everything together beautifully.

We have been doing a lot of weddings lately at White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville. The room has soaring cathedral ceilings and the lanterns really add a lot and look gorgeous.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Fri Lanterns 300X200 1
Fribridelanterns 300X200 1
Fridancefloor 200X300 1
Pines Singles 3 Web 300X200 1
Pines Singles 5 Web 300X200 1
Pines Singles 4 Web 200X300 1
Pines Singles 1 Web 300X200 1

Here are some more pictures of hanging lanterns from other Chicago venues:

Adler Lanterns 224X300 1
Son Mom 2 300X267 1
First Dance 209X300 1

Son Daughter Dance 300X200 1

Dad Daughter 200X300 1

1214 Dsc 1958 300X199 1

For more information on wedding lanterns for Chicago area weddings please contact the lighting experts at MDM Entertainment.

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