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Live Wedding Painting

Live Wedding Painting at Adler Planetarium, Chicago

*** Please note, we do not offer this service. The artist’s information is contained in the blog post ***

Wedding season is upon us at MDM Entertainment! We get very excited when our clients bring unique personalities and new ideas for us to work with, such as a live wedding painting. This week’s featured couple is no exception.

Meet Brian and Antigone!

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The cosmic couple’s wedding reception took place at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois. It was a beautiful summer night with a clear view for everyone to revel beneath the infinite sky. While family, friends, and loved ones continued to dance the night away, their memories were being captured in stellar detail by live event painter, Nancy Spielman.

The live wedding painting illustrates all eyes on Brian and Antigone dancing for the first time as a married couple. For those of you who follow our work, you already know that the Adler Planetarium is one of our favorite venues to work at! The famous Chicago city skyline was also depicted in the live wedding painting (as viewed from the Adler Planetarium terrace) with spot on color hues from the sunset that very same evening. WOW! Take a look at how closely related their actual photograph is compared to the live wedding painting!

Shoutout to Brian and Antigone’s wedding photographer at Furla Studio! Check out their webpage by clicking on the photograph above.

Antigone Matsaki Paint 240X300 1
Live Wedding Painting at Adler Planetarium in Chicago

Here’s a special thanks to Nancy Spielman from the MDM Entertainment Team! Your impressive talent and artistry of this live wedding painting highlighted beautiful fine points in our MDM Entertainment Event Lighting Design.

If you would like to view more information about Nancy and her services, you can visit her website and portfolio by clicking HERE!

For more information on DJ, Lighting, or Decor services for your Adler Planetarium wedding, contact MDM Entertainment today at (773)-253-4986.

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