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Your Name In Lights

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When using lighting as part of your Chicago wedding décor the first element you should consider is having your name in lights.

Having your wedding monogram or names projected onto the dance floor or a backdrop has the biggest “wow” effect for the least expense. It is a very chic and glamorous decoration that will amaze your guests as they first walk into the room.

This is done through the use of a specialized lighting fixture and a gobo. A gobo is a special metal or glass disc that goes into the light fixture to produce the desired pattern wherever the light is projected. Gobos come in pre-made patterns or you can have one custom made for you with whatever artwork you would like.

Metal gobos are less expensive to have made but you are limited to how creative you can get with the artwork because of the manufacturing process. With glass gobos you can use almost any artwork including pictures and very intricate designs. Glass gobos can also be in full color. Glass gobos are way more expensive to make but you can have almost any design made into a glass gobo.

Metal gobos are usually projected in white, as this looks the most elegant. You can however place a colored lighting gel over the fixture to have your monogram appear in any color you would like.

When deciding where to project your monogram a variety of factors must be taken into consideration including fixture type, power availability and distances. Having your monogram be the right size when projected requires the use of the right lighting fixture and a little bit of math. If you do not use the correct lighting fixture your monogram will be too small or too big or too dim.

For more information on having your name in lights at your wedding contact Mike at MDM Entertainment at 773-253-4986.

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